"What did the first brain to find itself on this planet do? Presumably it was astonished at being here and hadn't a clue what to make of itself and the filthy vehicle beneath its feet. In the meantime people have come to terms with their brains by regarding them as so unimportant as to be not even worth ignoring, by making rastas of themselves (bottommost: blackish pole; uppermost; the president of the senate, say) and by turning the so-unjustly beloved nature into the backdrop for a right farce. Although this doubtless not especially heroic way of avoiding a dilemma that still receives insufficient appreciation has become quite void of any charm now that it is so utterly predictable (how infantile bathroom scales are!), for this self-same reason it is, however, highly suitable for the conducting of certain procedures." - Walter Serner in Last Loosening Manifesto (1916)

"The concept of reality is a highly variable value, and entirely dependent on the brain and the requirements of the brain which considers it." - Richard Hülsenbeck in En Avant Dada (1920)

"After all, what is an art object, in any discipline,
but a beautifully woven system of life-giving lies that burst with potentiality?"
- Olchar E. Lindsann in Cheating Art History:
Strategies on the Fight Against Modernism ( ADa 91 )

"The pressure of occupation and the incessant stream of impressions pouring into our consciousness through all the gateways of knowledge make modern existence hazardous in many ways. Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves. The premature death of millions is primarily traceable to this cause." - Nikola Tesla in My Inventions (1919)

"I am not an artist because I refuse to be bored." - David Beris Edwards in BARM ( ADa 92 )

"Every manifestation of our life is accompanied by noise." - Luigi Russolo in L'arte dei rumori ( 1913 )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Major Data Loss

All progress past video-recording the Roanoke MAF has been lost. I had a 1gb hard drive's file structure corrupt on me (HFS+) and it is unrecoverable.

Not only has this been lost, but also all of the files that consisted the making of KUHn II. Now only copies can be made from those already burned.

Along with those two major projects, several other things have been lost including scanned mid-20th century family photos from Croatia, everything from 2003-2006, and anything else I have backed up to that drive.

I was in the process of purchasing two more 1gb drives, but apparently they did not come soon enough.

Work on re-capturing and re-editing what I have thus edited will begin immediately.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A List of Tapes/Footage from the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival 02.11-16.2010

Here is a list of the tapes that I have filled with footage of the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival. Links are included to the websites of the people I have recorded.

Tape – Date – Who – Where – Rec Speed

A01 - 2/11 Eugene Chadborne @ dialogue 17min - DVCAM

A01 - 2/12 Community High School test tape; errors...? - DVCAM

A02 – 2/10 Oromancer Test, Julian/Community. High School Test - DVCAM

A03 – 2/12 The Circus Practice @ The Water Heater - DVCAM

A04 – 2/12 The Circus Practice @ The Water Heater - DVCAM

A05 – 2/13 Brian Counihan Interview @ Community High School – mDV SP

A05 – 2/13 Ralph Eaton Interview @ Roanoke Public Library w/ the ArtRat – mDV SP

A06 – 2/13 TJ Anderson, Richard Normand, Gyorgi Boros, Tribute to Beat Poets @ Community. High School – mDV SP

A06 – 2/13 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, 3 Fluxus Events @ Community High School – mDV SP

A07 – 2/13 Bill Beamer & Geof Huth, trumpet, & didgeridoo @ Community High School – mDV SP

A07 – 2/13 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus 2 Fluxus Events @ Community High School – mDV SP

A07 – 2/13 Warren Fry, Lecture on Oberiu @ Community High School – mDV SP

A08 – 2/13 Warren Fry, Lecture on Oberiu @ Community High School – mDV SP

A08 – 2/13 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Fluxus Events @ Community High School – mDV SP

A08 – 2/13 Andrew Topel, Visual Poetry Lecture @ Community High School – mDV SP

A09 – 2/13 Andrew Topel, Visual Poetry Lecture @ Community High School – mDV SP

A09 – 2/13 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Fluxus Event (Orange + Water Buckets) @ Community High School – mDV SP

A09 – 2/13 Olchar Lindsann, Bruitist Poetry @ Community High School – 20 min left – mDV SP

A10 – 2/13 id m theft able @ Community High School – mDV SP

A10 – 2/13 Reed Altemus, Keith Buchholz, Fluxus Events @ Community High School – mDV SP

A11 – 2/13 Reed Altemus Interview @ Community High School – mDV SP

A12 – 2/14 Beth Deel Interview @ the Water Heater – mDV SP

A13 – 2/14 Beth Deel Interview @ the Water Heater pt II – mDV SP

A13 – 2/14 Bill Beamer & Simultaneous Poetry @ Community High School – mDV SP

A14 – 2/14 Olchar Lindsann, Lecture on 19th Century Poetic Recitation @ Community High School – mDV SP

A15 – 2/14 end of Olchar Lindsann, Lecture on 19th Century Poetic Recitation @ Community High School – mDV SP

A15 – 2/14 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, 2 Fluxus Events – mDV SP

A16 – 2/14 Geof Huth, Lecture on Visual Poetry @ Community High School – mDV SP

A17 – 2/14 Geof Huth, Lecture on Visual Poetry @ Community High School – mDV SP

A17 – 2/14 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Fluxus Events – mDV SP

A17 – 2/14 Pizza Time @ Community High School – mDV SP

A17 – 2/14 Tomislav Butkovic, Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry performing don't you fucking smile by David Beris Edwards, simultaneous poem @ Community High School – mDV SP

A18 – 2/14 Keith Buchholz, Lecture on Fluxus @ Community High School – mDV SP

A18 – 2/14 Keith Buchholz, Reed Altemus, Fluxus Events @ Community High School – mDV SP

A19 – 2/14 id m theft able noise performance @ Community High School – mDV SP

A19 – 2/14 Ralph Eaton's Stuffed Animal Orchestra @ Community High School – mDV SP

A20 – 2/15 Vispo/Mail-Art/Fluxus Workshop w/ Students @ Community High School – mDV SP

A21 – 2/15 Vispo/Mail-Art/Fluxus Workshop w/ Students @ Community High School – mDV SP

A21 – 2/15 Interview with Geof Huth @ Community High School – mDV SP

A22 – 2/15 Interview with Geof Huth @ Community High School – mDV SP

B01 – 2/12 Setup @ Community High School – mDV SP

B02 – 2/15 Interview with Jim Leftwich @ Jim Leftwich's Home – mDV SP

B03 – 2/15 Interview with Keith Buchholz @ Studio Annex – mDV SP

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Documentation - Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival

L2R: Warren Fry, Julián Mathews, Keith Buchholz, Olchar Lindsann, Reed Altemus @ Fluxus Now! - Community High School, Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival 2010

There are approximately 85 photographs that I took during the Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke, VA. Only a fraction is currently uploaded to flickr since I have upload limits, but in the future I will upload the rest. Most of these are at the Fluxus Now! Exhibit at Community High School.

Film Documentation:
[ http://www.flickr.com/photos/postneoabsurdism/sets/72157623509891962/ ]

Jim Leftwich has over 500 digital photographs from the Festival, along with a enormous list of all of those who performed, exhibited and contributed to the Fluxus Now! exhibition he organized.

That can all be found on Jim's TextImagePoem blog.

Digital Documentation:
[ http://www.flickr.com/photos/textimagepoetry/sets/72157623313227837/ ]

Marginal Arts Festival:
[ http://marginalarts.com ]


1. Agree to meet someone half way in a city of your choice.

2. Meet half way.

3. Exchange pocket sized items.

4. Return to your destination with a different route from which you came.

Feb 94ADa/2010 James Brehm/Tomislav Butkovic


KUH[n] is a dvd-media journal which aims to document and place in junction the various digital works by people of communities that coincide such as mail-art, visual poetry, noise, punk, avant writing linked by association to the network of PostNeoAbsurdist [anti-]discourse. KUH[n] acts as a reference to actions which perpetually occur or to created situations. It does not assume to be a whole and is not a substitution for lived organization and experience. Though still a digital product, KUH[n] is contained as a dvd to maintain its physicality as an object in order to remain a catalyst for discussion and further association, whether or not it is readable in the future. (That it will be unreadable in the future is the very nature of digital technology.)

Burned on archival dual layer dvd with printed sleeve. Approx 3hr.
$5 – or trade


Matt Ames/Philosophy Inc (Roanoke VA)
Putt Putt Days
Hello Roanoke, Hello Deleuze, Hello Economy
315 Bowman

John M. Bennett (Columbos OH)
Studio 2: Ahh Dog

Tsubasa Berg (Brooklyn NY)

Reid Bingham (Brooklyn NY)
Colin Chandler (New Brunswick NJ)
mourning abandon
Meet You On Earth One Day

Tomislav Butkovic (New Brunswick, NJ)
The Pocket Remover (with Warren Fry)

Tim Campbell (Washington DC)
Digital Paintings:

Bradley Chriss (Washington DC)
Meat Poem

DJ Thumper! (Cincinnati OH)
Ghost Ride Tha Pit

Ralph Eaton (Los Angeles/Roanoke VA)
Brett Waller (Los Angeles/Florida)

David Beris Edwards (Plymouth UK)
Eleanor Francis Waterfowl(Plymouth UK)
In Which We Extract Honey from a Bag of Flower

Warren Fry (New Brunswick NJ)
Why I Hate Sharks

Aaron Howard (Brooklyn NY)
leaves fly a spiral library in an unlettered sky

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland)
Jim Leftwich (Roanoke VA)
morph 4
morph 5
morph 6

Olchar Lindsann (New Brunswick NJ)
Emilie Lennard (Toledo OH)
A Beautiful Summer's Day

Stewart Home (UK)
Justin McKeown (Northern Ireland)
Julius Evola in the Fountain of Modernism

Justin McKeown/SPART ACTION (Northern Ireland)
Pogo Manifesto

Realicide (Nomadic)
Shit for Reality
The Shit Punx Hate
Open Eyes

Alan Reed (Montreal CA)
The Golem

Joe Ruck (Colonia NJ)
Charlie the Schizophrenic
Wall Puppets (with Tomislav Butkovic)

[PRO-][ANTI-] press is an organizational entity that experiments in the production of digital publications and documents which attempt to utilize digital formats in practices which are not limited to the inherited technological restrictions of previous mediums.

Also available on [PRO-][ANTI-]:

KUH[n]: the First (ADa 91/2007 - $3 or trade)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Required Response to Group Critiques

Group critiques in the context of the Mason Gross school are wearily structured presentations of a students' project followed by a question and answer session. The thesis exhibition groups are very large in that there would not be enough time to have each student present their projects to the entire group. Thus, the thesis instructors have divided the two exhibition groups into groups of 12 students. Each student is then required to bring in previous projects of study and current progress projects in progress to present and discuss in a period of 10 minutes.

For the critique in which I was a part, we were in conversation with Viktor Witkowski. I presented the KUH[n] media-journal dvd that was just released by [PRO-][ANTI-] press in December and showed the Pocket Remover anti-infomercial which I had written and which I had filmed with Warren Fry. I explained that it was a compilation or collection of the videos made by friends or collaborators and that the small press publication was in the spirit of Francis Picabia's 391 journal or Wallace Berman's Semina journal. (There are of course numerous of other small presses both from the past and present that I could list that inform and are pertinent to KUH[n].) By the time that I had presented the dvd and Viktor had affirmed its obvious association to dADa and the absurd, it was time to present and discuss the next project.

If a system of critiques is to function as a platform for continuing discussion and an incitement for a visual discourse, there should be some kind of force which would ensure that this system is in place and perpetually in motion. Perhaps an active panel of faculty, distinguished by the visual concentration in which they teach, could host frequent critiques with atleast all of the courses in their area of concentration showing both their own and their students' work. It would be a start. It would enable the faculty to become familiar with the students in their concentration and vice versa if they did not already have a chance to teach most of those students already.

As the BFA thesis groups are an amalgamation of all of the visual concentrations of study, this panel of faculty could come together with the large group of BFA thesis students to facilitate further discussion for the fourth year visual students' thesis. If a system of critiques were maintained throughout the entire four years of a student's involvement in the program, perhaps this group of faculty could be designated as the instructors of the BFA Thesis course as they would be the most familiar with all of the students and their work. It could potentially create a situation where the thesis course and its exhibition would be a large, expansive, and rigorous conversation between everyone's field of study and their results and be fertile ground for organizing group exhibitions.

Though with the increasing number of part-time lecturers, the small number of full-time professors, graduate students as instructors, and the inability for the school to offer the required amount of courses to fulfill the concentration requirements in some departments, is a system like this to replace a non-existent one even possible?

If such a system, or any system was in place, perhaps we the students in that critique group would have been very familiar with the work we have been studying in the past four years and would be able to offer more complex insight with reference to a learned practice rather than only introducing concepts for a final undergraduate thesis in 10 minutes of the final semester.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Space Requirements for Thesis Exhibition

Hello Everyone,

I'll be posting my thesis proposal shortly, but heres the space that I'll need in brief:

I'll be using one of the large flat screen TVs to screen the documentary in Roanoke that I'll have ready. This TV should have enough distance so that people could step back and view it. Next to this television I would have one of those 6ft x 3ft tables which are around CSB. This table will have some chairs around on where people could sit and collaborate with collage and written material. For one night of the exhibition, there will also be live performance by myself accompanied and featuring other performers from New Brunswick and the region. This could happen in an around this area where the table and TV are. I would need to be near an outlet or two in order to be able to plug in the television.

Here is a simple diagram of how the space would potentially look like: